So why should It Be OK Pertaining to Gay People to Be Gay?

There are some people who simply won’t be able to understand why it must be OK just for gay visitors to be homosexual. They find same-sex fascination as a habit, not a a part of who you are.

They might think that mainly because you choose to always be gay, The lord must have made it so , or perhaps that you must be “cursed. ”

Some of these individuals are really caught up up and religous. Consider that homosexuality needs to be “cured” and that it must be between a male and women.

The problem with this brand of thinking is the fact it’s certainly not realistic.

Additionally it is not good to the many gay men and women that want to be cheerful and live their lives as they choose without having to undergo.

Some of the best ways to respond to these types of hateful remarks are through the use of words that will be understood which will show your support for LGBTQ people in general. This could be done by focusing that many people are entitled to their point of view, but that must be not suffered to disprove someone else’s selection of sexual desire.